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... 42nd [31 Jan 2017|04:43 AM]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Things have been progressing recently. Been able to push my spirit to move forward and troubleshoot some errors involving form input of data to mysqli and now it's a bit progressing. I'm really looking forward to finish my project. Hopefully next month i would be able to finish it all and maybe publish it for beta. I think I need a definite "MUSTS" lists of task so i would know and scratch it off if it's done and do what needs to be done next. Will do that later, I think.
Meanwhile, I also saw a posts of for rent in quezon city area.. One I would describe is if I am going to base the photo, the place is cool to hangout with, and not just an ordinary place to stay or rent to. There's a patio, a hangout area and I think it would give you a HOME type of vibes or vibration-..ish?..... There's a street, as it says, or foodtrip street area nearby- 'the strEAT' why not name it like that? lol  and nearby University of the Philippines Diliman.

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The New Social Media [14 Feb 2016|06:00 PM]


Hi Everyone ! it's 6 : 00 pm ! And i will create the New Social Media Break WEB it's Very Simple Social Network Like Facebook But i need some Special programmers ! Anyone Would be with me ? Some Programmers ! Special Programmers !

Contact Me in :



Break WEBrogrammers</strong> !!!
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Introduction to HTML5 [17 Aug 2015|05:30 PM]


In this HTML tutorial we introduce HTML5.  We be teaching the most in-depth HTML5 tutorial on the internet.  These tutorials are completey free.
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Website Development Tutorials: Wizard Tutorial Introduction [16 Aug 2015|08:24 PM]


Hello and welcome to Wizard tutorial we are going to teach you everything you need to know about website development.
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LJ Layout help [17 Sep 2013|10:57 PM]

Hi, so currently the theme I'm using is called Theme No. 12 by minimally. However, I'd like to make certain changes. I'd like the icon on the left, that is above the tag list, to be a default, permanent one that never changes. Whereas the one on the right, where I post my entries, will change according to the userpic I have now. Thanks in advance!
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Page Cut HTML Code [26 Oct 2011|11:17 AM]

Hi, I would love to know what the HTML code is for the page cuts that everyone is always doing. Where you can make a link that says "Read More" or something like that and it takes you to the actual entry page where it shoes the rest of the entry? Thanks
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Custom header help [09 Sep 2011|07:28 PM]

I'm in the midst of making a community here on LJ and I wanted to put up a custom header in the layout.  For some reason it's not showing up.  I know the proper code, and I've tried fiddling with the settings to make sure the theme isn't getting in the way, but nothing seems to be working.  Any tips?
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Table Help Please! [12 Aug 2011|06:27 PM]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey there, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me out with a little issue I'm having. I'm trying to make my user profle page look a little more clean. I want to put the info I have there in separate columns going horizontal. I tried myself but it came out a jumbly mess and I asked my sister to help but she couldn't figure it out either since she doesn't do too much with tables. If someone would be willing to help out I would be eternally grateful! Thank you!

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filters? [28 Jun 2011|03:27 PM]

I've searched around a little and was wondering if there is a way to have a div container appear for X amount of seconds after the page is opened?
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[01 Jun 2011|06:52 PM]

I've seen a lot of journals that have their personalized layouts that shows when you're seeing the recent entries page and whatever, but when you see one particular entry, it has the basic black over white, blue-comment section format, just like this community has, for example. Is that for communities only? How can I do that?
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smooth sailing layout [04 May 2011|04:11 PM]

Hello! I am working on making some modifications to a layout I'm using for a comm I mod. The layout is in Smooth Sailing format and I am really more familiar with Flexible Squares. Would someone mind looking over the coding and seeing how I can get rid of the header space? Every time I try, it messes up the menu boxes.


The code.Collapse )
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Inserting Userpic into Post? [20 Apr 2011|05:34 PM]

This is in regards to LJ-specific HTML coding. Is there anyway to insert a person's default userpic into a post, with the image displayed updating whenever the default userpic is updated. Clarification under cutCollapse )
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Sidebar Stay Put [16 Apr 2011|08:07 PM]

I have a layout that I like, the one Im using now, but would like to make it so that my sidebar stays put when I scroll my entries. What is the code to do this. I would like to also move it a little more to the left also. Thanks.
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Profile Layout looks...odd [07 Apr 2011|06:54 PM]

I've hit a problem with my profile layout for my LJ. It looks fine when I preview it using this...but when I post it on the profile, it ended up looking like this (warning: pic is quite large.)

I tried fixing it, but no changes happened. Did I do something wrong here?

It's still a W.I.P., but here's my code thing.
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having some trouble with this table.... [23 Mar 2011|02:31 PM]

Hey there!

I'm having some trouble with the table in my profile. Or, if you're lazy:

cut to spare you from a table with imagesCollapse )

Here's my code:

I've tried valign with no success. When I google I find something about a "div style" tag that I can't seem to wrap my mind around.

BASICALLY, I want that pink "heather;;" line to go to the top (and possibly for the teal links to go to the bottom but I'm sure if I can get help with the top I can figure out the bottom myself).

Crossing my fingers for a response, it looks like this community's been a little dead. :x

thank you so much in advance! I really appreciate any help!! This is seriously killing me, here!

bonus question: why do my links have that ugly bright blue line under them? Is there any way to get rid of it (with just plain ol' HTML I can use in a profile code)? If not, is there a way I can change those to the teal color of the font?
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RSS channel icon [06 Mar 2011|03:38 AM]


Can somebody explain me how to change my RSS channel's
default icon to personal logo (like those shown at the screenshot)?

Thank you!
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Cycling Text [22 Nov 2010|03:07 PM]

I tried to google around for this, but I think I'm using the wrong terms. Is there any way to have links on a page that you can click to change the text on that page? For example, if I have a column with text in it, and link1, link2, link3, and link4 at the bottom, is there a way for each of those links to load new text into the column rather than leading to a new page? This is probably going to be posted to a LJ profile or entry, if that makes a difference.
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mood text editing [27 Oct 2010|01:52 AM]

I feel like such a dumbass for not being able to find the answer to this somewhere.

I was wondering whether there's any way to hide the text description of the mood (i.e. curious) and just have the moodtheme image?

I use S2, but just use custom css (I haven't set up a style or layer); I can post it if needed.
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Browser Issues [16 Oct 2010|12:24 AM]

This is my website.

In Firefox, it looks exactly how I want it to. I know it's frames heavy, but back when I learned how to make websites 10 years ago, simple html and frames were the norm, so I have very very limited knowledge of styles, scripts, etc.

I would love for my site to show up the same way in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome as it does in Firefox. For some reason, the pages that are not frames within frames (bio, links, and contact) do not display. The only thing I have found that made any kind of change to this problem is that I have a code to force orphan pages into the original frameset, and when I took that out of those three pages, 2/3 of them displayed on IE, but not Chrome. I have the same code on the photo and video pages (which are frameset pages), so I don't know what the deal is. Taking it out didn't fix it completely anyways, so I guess that's not the problem?

I've looked at it, and I've googled the problem, but I can't seem to pin point the problem. The photo menu and video menu do not display the way I want them to on IE and Chrome either, but I don't care as much about that. I just want all of my content to show up, in a reasonably organized fashion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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[10 Oct 2010|08:14 PM]

I'm trying to post a link for when people click on this from firefox they can IM me on messenger

but if you look at where the link leads to it adds livejournal to it, or if i post it on tumblr it posts tumblr to it because the link starts with the number 9, how do i stop that from happening? How do I stop the site's url from adding itself to the link?
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