mottaka (iamartisttonoob) wrote in htmlhelp,

... 42nd

Things have been progressing recently. Been able to push my spirit to move forward and troubleshoot some errors involving form input of data to mysqli and now it's a bit progressing. I'm really looking forward to finish my project. Hopefully next month i would be able to finish it all and maybe publish it for beta. I think I need a definite "MUSTS" lists of task so i would know and scratch it off if it's done and do what needs to be done next. Will do that later, I think.
Meanwhile, I also saw a posts of for rent in quezon city area.. One I would describe is if I am going to base the photo, the place is cool to hangout with, and not just an ordinary place to stay or rent to. There's a patio, a hangout area and I think it would give you a HOME type of vibes or vibration-..ish?..... There's a street, as it says, or foodtrip street area nearby- 'the strEAT' why not name it like that? lol  and nearby University of the Philippines Diliman.
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