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   1) Welcome
Welcome to the community dedicated to helping people with their HTML woes, whether it be with their journal or website. Here you can get advice and questions answered about adding pizazz to your journal or website.

Once you learn the basics of journal customization, creating styles and layouts will become highly addictive and will most likely consume a great portion of your daily life. Whether you're having trouble adding a picture to your entry or you can't seem to get your GIF animator to make things flash rabidly enough for your liking, this is the place for you.

We're all here to help one another learn more about HTML, CSS, and customization for our journals.

   2) Questions
  • When asking a question, make sure that you phrase it in a way the is easy to understand. No one likes cryptic questions.
  • If something went wrong with your journal after you were changing overrides and you need help, be sure to tell us what you last changed before your journal messed up.
  • If you have a question about customizing your journal, consider given us a an example through an image, or better yet, a link to the actual journal.
  • If you need to post overrides, transform them and them post them behind a cut.
  • All large images and long posts (especially with overrides) should be posted behind a <lj-cut>

   3) Resources
Additionally, there are several resources you may find helpful before you waste time by posting something that's been posted a million times before. The LiveJournal FAQ contains tutorials and resources for the most common customization questions. Additionally, the HowTo Journal's Memories have detailed categorization of in-depth tutorials for nearly every aspect of customization. Both of these resources should answer your questions. If your question isn't there, or you're confused about how to implement such overrides in your journal, that's what we're here for.

   4) Rules
Any kind of harassment will not be tolerated. Additionally, your posts should be kept on-topic. Advertisements for other communities or desperate pleas for friends should not be posted. When this rule isn't followed the post in question will deleted immediately.

   5) Important Links
  • HTML Transform - Makes overrides and other HTML codes safe for posting.
  • LiveJournal FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • <lj-cut> - LiveJournal's FAQ for the <lj-cut>
  • HowTo's Memories - Journal customization tutorials.
  • HTML Validator - W3 HTML Validator, Checks to see if your website is coded with proper HTML so that it will display correctly on all browsers without errors.
  • CSS Validator - W3 CSS Validation, Checks to see if your website's or journal's CSS is coded correctly so that it will display correctly on all browsers without errors.

   6) Maintainer
Maintainer is > mikelikewhoa.

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